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We have been honored to provide denture services to many patients.  We realize that dentures are not a perfect replacement for your natural teeth, but we do everything we can to make you comfortable.  We take time to make sure each step of the process is done well so the final result is as comfortable and functional as possible.  One important part of making good dentures is the lab that works behind the dentist.  I have been using the same local dental laboratory for over 25 years because they do such good work.

The latest improvement to the denture process is called Implant Supported Dentures.  An Oral Surgeon will place implants into the bone and allow them to heal and become very strong and stable.  We make a custom denture to fit securely to those implants.  The result is amazing and can be life changing to patients who have struggled for years with loose fitting dentures.

Ask us for a demonstration of this amazing improvement.